jewelry care

To protect your Janja Prokić Jewelry and extend its life, we advise you to follow a few recommendations:

  • Avoid prolonged contact with soap, perfume or cosmetic creams. Similalry, household detergents and all other chemical products may cause damage to pearls and other precious stones in your jewelry.
  • We recommend to remove your jewelry when on the beach, before sports exercise or gardening.
  • When you are not wearing your jewelry, store them in individual pouches to avoid the risk of scratching or abrasion. 
  • Recommendations primarily concern gold-plated or ruthenium-plated jewelry since this material modification is unfortunately not long-lasting.
  • In the case of atypical jewelry we recommed to adjust your ideal size only for the first time, otherwise it may cause mechanical damage. This concerns following pieces: ring Open Fox, ring Fox Head, ring Big Fox, bracelet Mistletoe.